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Professional Localization Services in India and its Challenges

We all know by now that the modern corporate world would crumble if companies do not make linguistic services part and parcel of their marketing department. However, one must remember that even if they have partnered up with the best language service provider, their preferred agency would still have to make sure that the challenges […]

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How Game Developers Can Benefit From Software Localization Services?

The console and PC gaming industry has always been one of the most lucrative sectors in the global economy. However, games only succeed when they offer engaging gameplay and immersive storylines. But how can one make sure that in a multilingual and multicultural world, their game would succeed? Well, that is easy. All one would […]

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Game Localization Is A Booming Industry

Game development studios need to make sure that their games are properly adapted to the cultural, socio-political and linguistic nuances of the locations where the products will be launched. This whole tedious process is known as game localisation. Most of the time, game development studios tend to localize their products in-house but to be honest, […]

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How to localize your website with Bhasha Bharati Arts?

Website localization has become a necessity these days especially if a brand wants to – Enter new market segments Get ahead of its rivals Improve the experience for its customers Enhance customer relationships or  Wants to increase its year-on-year revenue. How do website localization experts at Bhasha Bharati Arts approach a project? We follow the […]

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Benefits of mobile app localization at a glance

Entrepreneurs who spend a considerable amount of resources on developing and supporting the apps that represent their ventures enjoy a competitive edge over their rivals. In case you too belong to this category of entrepreneurs then kudos! You are doing all that you can to make sure your brand has a strong identity among the […]

Automotive Translation Services for ever expanding automobile industry

Since automotive business is a globally developed industry, the companies doing business in this segment need to have multilingual communication so that they could get in touch with the global customer base. Interestingly, with a complex infrastructure and global supply chain changing at greater pace, the requirement for the translated content from developing countries like […]

Perks of Hiring Professional Mobile App Localization Services

Mobile app localization fills in as one powerful approach to resolve this issue by making your application accessible in the dialects that are spoken by the global crowd that you expect to target. The language expressed in a given region can have subtleties that can decide how well you will associate with individuals in it. […]

Importance of Software Localization Service

Software localization is the transformation of your program or application to meet the necessities of a particular language and culture. The cycle regularly expects alterations to the UI, including all pictures, text, and interactive media. Software that has been effectively limited will have the look and feel of an item that looks and runs like […]

Localization Strategy to beat recession in Automobile Industry

The current scenario. Automobile sector is facing one of the worst slowdowns in decades According to SIAM data, the Industry produced 13.32% fewer vehicles during April-Sept 2019 as compared same period last year. For the 11th month in a row, there is a decline in sales, with the highest decline coming from the Domestic sale […]

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