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November, 2021

Automotive Translation Services for ever expanding automobile industry

Since automotive business is a globally developed industry, the companies doing business in this segment need to have multilingual communication so that they could get in touch with the global customer base. Interestingly, with a complex infrastructure and global supply chain changing at greater pace, the requirement for the translated content from developing countries like […]

What are Top 10 Indian languages that people speak?

India, one of the oldest civilizations also have some of the oldest languages that are spoken even today. For instance, Sanskrit and Tamil that are among the oldest languages have kept their forms and shapes even today. Even though Sanskrit is not spoken widely, the rich literature available in Sanskrit makes it essential for people […]

New Developments and Trends in Medical Translation Services

After Covid19, there have been several changes in the way medical world operates and functions. This has also impacted medical translation services to great extent in terms of quality and the speed of delivery of the translated projects. One major development has been the huge requirement of medical translators who are knowledgeable and competent to […]

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