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All You Need To Know About Transcription Services

Brands managers, business owners, and professionals often come across situations where they have a video or audio file that they need to convert into a textual file as soon as practically possible. In such cases, one should get in touch with a language service provider that is renowned for quality-assured transcription services.  Why modern enterprises […]

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How Can Your Medical Business Benefit With Medical Interpretation Services

Medical interpretation is an act of converting spoken words from one language to another language in a medical context. Clear and precise communication in the medical industry is vital to make sure the patient gets the best care. Hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and public health organizations utilize professional medical interpreters to obtain accurate patient […]

Translation, Localization, Transcreation: What Is The Difference?

Global brands spend huge money on creating engaging digital content to drive user engagement. How can the branded content resonate perfectly with the international audience? Is translation enough? Or is localization and transcreation also required? How do you differentiate them from translation? What are the main points of differentiation between these three types of language […]

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