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New Developments and Trends in Medical Translation Services

After Covid19, there have been several changes in the way medical world operates and functions. This has also impacted medical translation services to great extent in terms of quality and the speed of delivery of the translated projects. One major development has been the huge requirement of medical translators who are knowledgeable and competent to […]

Vaccination Record Translation Services

Vaccination cards are required for students and travellers. For example, if a person plans to study for a semester abroad or wants to go to school abroad, he or she will need to submit a vaccination file as part of the admission process. You can also get employment or internships in other areas. In this […]

New trends and technologies in Medical Translation Services

Various fact based studies show that that global home healthcare market size was estimated at USD 281.8 billion in 2019 which may have crossed USD 303.6 billion in 2020. However, it is only a small part of the large global health industry which is worth $8.45 trillion and more. Needless to say global healthcare spending […]

How Can Your Medical Business Benefit With Medical Interpretation Services

Medical interpretation is an act of converting spoken words from one language to another language in a medical context. Clear and precise communication in the medical industry is vital to make sure the patient gets the best care. Hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and public health organizations utilize professional medical interpreters to obtain accurate patient […]

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