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Mistakes to avoid while translating a website

Website translation

Website translation has become more important in recent years. This statement is backed by recent statistical data, which shows that less than 20% of people in the world can read or speak English—the unofficial official language of the world!

In simple words, if you are running a business or an e-store and haven’t taken assistance from a website translation service provider, then your brand is surely unable to penetrate a large chunk of the available global target market segments.

Other reasons why you need to translate your brand’s website

According to the professional opinion of a spokesperson associated with Bhasha Bharati Arts, the leading provider of translation services in India, several other reasons make website translation a necessity and not a luxury these days in the corporate world. Some of the most compelling reasons are listed below.

The data suggests it

First, glance at the analytical data of your website. Pay attention to the locations from where your website gets most of its online traffic. This is the age of internet-based globalization; hence, it is natural for your website to get traffic from overseas. Next, be sure to look at the time visitors spend on your website. Are they spending a lot of time on one page, or are they leaving the website seconds after logging in? Also, pay attention to the number of people who are actually buying the offerings of your brand.

If you witness that your

  • website is getting a lot of online traffic from overseas.
  • website is unable to convert leads into customers.
  • If your website has a high bounce rate, you need to make sure that your website and e-store are offered in the languages that are prominently used in the locations from which the online traffic is emanating.

Multilingual websites tend to rank high in the SERPs of leading search engines.

A multilingual website naturally tends to rank high in the SERPs of leading search engines. When your multilingual website ranks high in the SERPs, it will also get a lot of organic online traffic.

Add all of the information above, and you can see that having a multilingual website is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Mistakes to avoid while translating a website

While availing web translation services, make sure you do not make the following mistakes:

Hiring non-native website translators

The translation sector is booming. It means that one can get in touch with translation agencies that have a huge team of website translation experts on their payroll who are fluent in multiple local, national, and international languages as well as their subsequent dialects. Hiring them can get the job done, but for the best results, one must hire native translators. For instance, if you want your e-store or website to be translated into Chinese, then make sure that you are handing over the project to a language service provider that has natives of China on their payroll who are working as translators. Hiring native translators will ensure that the translated copies of your websites or e-store’s landing page content have the right

  • Local etymology
  • Local phrasing and
  • Appropriate use of local context

Translating only parts of the website or e-store

Whether you are availing website translation services in Mumbai or Iceland, always make sure that you are asking your website translation service provider to translate the entire content of the website or e-store. Translating only parts of a website or e-store will make your brand less accessible to your target audience segments, which in turn will lower your brand’s customer experience by many folds. You don’t want that now, do you!?


Translating your website into the native languages used in the market segments that you have targeted to penetrate is not an easy task. For the best results, you must make sure that you have sought assistance from a language service provider offering quality-assured website translation services like Bhasha Bharati Arts where following strict quality assurance protocols is the norm. For more details, contact us today.+91-7066316633

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