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Why Should Brands Avail French Translation Services?

France being Europe’s largest country offers a lot of business opportunities for brands willing to expand their interests in Europe. French holds the second position in the world after English when it comes to international communications.

To put things into perspective, French is the official language in 29 nations which means that more than 330 million people in the world speak French. On the other hand, close to 80 million in Europe alone speak French.

In simple words, when brands choose to localize the content of their online portals and promotional collateral to French, they are inadvertently increasing their chances of success while penetrating international market segments where French is the preferred language.

Travel and tourism brands can benefit a lot from French Translation Services

France happens to be at the top of most people’s travel lists when they wish to experience the best Europe has to offer frequent and periodic backpackers. It means that brands associated with the travel and tourism sector should avail French translation services in a bid to ensure that their – 

  • Business letters
  • Promotional content and
  • Online as well as offline marketing content is localized to French and the regional dialects of the language so that tourists from all over the world who are native speakers of the language can learn all they have to about a travel and tourism company in a bid to avail the services offered by them.

Education and e-learning brands can engage with French students

Education and e-learning brands can engage with students who are native speakers of the French language with the help of localized and translated e-learning content offered by reputed providers of language translation services like Bhasha Bharati Arts.

With the help of localized e-learning content, education courses would truly become global by offering content that suits the students’ understanding, learning style, grasping capabilities and information retention capabilities.

On top of this, localized e-learning content also allows e-learning brands that recently entered global target market segments where French is the preferred language to improve the overall education experience they offer to their target audience.

Brands associated with the manufacturing sector can expand their interests in France

Brands associated with the manufacturing sector can readily sell their products to their French-speaking target audience segments by using the professional translation services offered by reputed LSPs like Bhasha Bharati Arts. The localized product descriptions, and pertinent promotional collateral like – 

  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • User guides
  • Installation instructions
  • Product safety etc. can all be made compatible with French target market segments with the help of multilingual translation services. 

Entertainment and gaming brands can penetrate France’s market segments

It is no news that the entertainment industry has gone global thanks to the advent of streaming platforms. However, global entertainment content still faces linguistic barriers when the same is not offered with some form of localization in nations where English or other global languages are not prevalently used for communication. It is not at all cost-efficient to remake an entire film or TV series using local languages so that the same can amass profitable viewership on streaming platforms. But, the problem can be solved when entertainment companies seek the help of French translation agencies in a bid to provide entertainment content with French voiceovers and subtitles.

Research and development organizations can take help from French scientists

Research and development organizations can take help from French scientists by sharing their findings with their French counterparts after the findings have been localized. In this way, linguistic barriers could be broken and research work and as well as their outcomes can be expedited so that the whole world can benefit from the innovations of international scientific minds.


The professional translators associated with Bhasha Bharati Arts understand the regional differences and cultural nuances as well as regional dialects prevalent in the different regions of France. Thus, the brands that are looking for accuracy and appropriate French translation services that would cater to their unique needs, it is best to seek help from Bhasha Bharati Arts. For more details, please contact us.

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