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Importance of Language Translation for Indian Literature

The importance of translation in Indian literature can easily be determined by the fact that bringing a book into being is comparatively easier than selling them. Selling a book at international and national stages becomes one hell of a task because of the linguistic differences. This generates a major obstruction for all the creative authors, writers and publishers who have been planning to put forward their fiction or non-fiction stuff in front of the world of readers. After all, translation is not the only concern but being able to retain the exact emotion, sentiment, meanings of phrases and idioms etc. among all languages according to the countries. Translation agencies in India has been striving hard to offer perfection in translation for Indian literature, some have been successful, but some not.

Cultural Backdrop:

Books published in India or written in Indian language are more or less like the concepts and ideas that make up for the laws we have on tradition, culture, diversity, religion, ethics value and things like that. To carry out a similar level of understanding round the globe, most of the publishers try to find assistant of reliable literature translation to retain the worth of the writing effects accurately, one can hire Indian language translation Services. Most of the authors have shared their opinion on translation and they say that it helps in interlacing India with the rest of the World. Removal of the linguistic barriers increases the chances for authors and publishers to get a better opportunity to bring out their imagination, perceive better and give their insights in a more prominent manner.

Children’s literature:

A lot of children’s literature books have been translated in several languages and have become sensations. The best way to eradicate linguistic barriers to help spread the literary culture is to improve Indian language translation. Translation not only helps in enhancing the scope but helps make our work reach an array of interested people. Linguistic expertise can help express better around the globe. The most enthralling thing that has been discovered is that translation helps establish equality among different culture. It not only helps people read Indian literary works but know more about the cultural diaspora. An author not only gets more recognition but can constantly learn from authors hailing from different literary and cultural backgrounds.

Empowers Democracy:

The need of translation in Indian literature is as important as it gets. With 22 languages recognized by the constitution, and the need for quality education, it’s impossible to not be inclined towards translation. Translation eradicates the barriers put by caste, state, language and religion. We can also read the holy books in all the scripts. This enables us to learn more about other cultures and expanding our perspective over issues. In a country like India, that’s growing every hour of every day, translation has helped in making more and more people bilingual if not multilingual. The need to know more than one language and having texts or scriptures in different languages has improved the condition of education in the country. Most of the translation agencies in India focus on translating all the texts in as many languages as possible.


Indian literary history is filled with examples of multilingual culture. The very first writers in the country were translators too. The foundation of Indian literature is laid on the basis of translations and adaptions from the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Most of the books based on moral teachings are also adopted and translated from the holy books or vedas. The advent of other languages opened doors for translation as Sanskrit and vernacular Hindi weren’t understood and read by everyone. The variations that we have seen in literature came from literary scriptures from across the world. Renaissance came to India in the form of literary upliftment through ages. For a better understanding of all the fields of study including medicine, astronomy, technology and sociology, eradicating language barriers was the must. Translation has made that possible and we’re still working for the betterment in the scenario.

Diversity and Empowerment:

India is a country with diversity and to maintain unity amongst people who come from different cultures, castes, races, religions and creeds; one needs to form common ground. Translation is that common ground that puts us all on the chart as equals. Translation helps in strengthening the democracy by instituting equality among different languages. It also challenges the hegemony of some languages over the others. It proves that ideas and experiences cannot be stopped due to barrier placed by language. To keep democracy together and be just in approach one needs to bring the weaker section of society together. These people need a chance to voice their mute thoughts and fight prejudices, and translation helps in that by again eradicating the barriers placed by difference in languages. It not only makes their chances of being heard more prominent but helps empower these backward section, women and children.

Post-colonial Prejudices:

Translation through the years has helped fight the prejudices that came after the post-colonial era. Orientalism has given has an outlook to the divide there is between the west and India. Post-colonial era saw a lot of changes and literary reforms. Post war literature bloomed and was necessary for us to have an insight on the struggles that our ancestors have had to undergo in order to give us the freedom we have today. With translations we can give the world an insight to pre-colonial India which was and is no less than any other nation in any aspect.

Literature has seen it’s day and night in our country and translation has helped us bring these facts out for people around the globe to know. The best part about translation is that it has given a better scope for literary reforms; giving birth to more vernacular languages and further breaking the barriers and walls put but society in the name of language. Translation has helped teachers and students teach and learn more about things and cross the barriers of mere syllabus. Thorough learning requires better understanding and till we don’t eradicate language barriers, we can’t achieve our goal. To achieve the goal of a better education and be able to slide through the post-colonial prejudices, it’s necessary to know the importance of inter-lingual education system. The importance of translation in our country is much more than we can imagine.


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