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How important is translation from English to Tamil?

If you want to connect with Tamilians in Tamil Nadu English alone will not do. Translation from English to Tamil is a must. Here are some facts.

  1. Tamil is the official language of the state of Tamil Nadu.

  2. Tamil is spoken as native language by more than 65 million Indians.

  3. Tamil is the first choice for official communication in Tamil Nadu.

  4. 7 out of top 10 newspaper in Tamil Nadu is in Tamil language.

  5. In terms of TV viewership too, Tamil channels have higher viewership than that of any other language.

  6. Unlike other states, where Hindi is easily understood, in Tamil Nadu Hindi is not preferred, and not even understood for majority of population.

Tamil Nadu is India’s Economic Powerhouse and offers great scope for business expansion.

  1. Tamil Nadu is one of the fastest growing states in India.

  2. Tamil Nadu is the 2nd highest contributor to India’s GDP

  3. Tamil Nadu has the third highest per capita GDP

  4. Over 50% of the State is urbanized

  5. Tamil Nadu ranks among the first in terms of number of factories and Industrial workers.*

  6. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has been dubbed as the Detroit of India due to its achievement as auto production hub.*

  7. The State has diversified manufacturing sector including industries like automobiles and components, Engineering, Pharma, Chemicals, Garments, Leather, textile products etc*

  8. The State ranks 3rd in terms of number of domestic tourist arrivals and 2nd in number of foreign tourist arrivals.*

  9. It has well developed infrastructure with an excellent Road and Rail network, 3 major and 23 minor ports and 7 airports.*

*Source: IBEF

If you want to expand your business into Tamil Nadu, translating your marketing collaterals and documents both technical and non-technical from English to Tamil will make great sense.

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