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What Makes Medical Translation Service Important?

Medical science has come a long way over the decades. At the same time, the global population has also increased by several folds. It both adds up to an overloaded medical infrastructure.

Is that so?

Yes, and the proof is the recent pandemic that is yet to be declared an endemic disease. When the

COVID – 19 hit the world in the later part of 2019, the global medical infrastructure was pushed to the verge of collapse.

Now the situation with COVID – 19 is well under control but it has been an eye opener for global medical boards that the current practices followed in medical institutions are pretty inefficient when they are subjected to excessive patient load.

Hence, in the past two years, global medical institutions have incorporated several tools into their daily operations of medical institutions. These tools are slowly but surely allowing global medical institutions to become efficient.

One such tool is medical translation.

What is it?

Medical translation is a technical term for the set of steps medical translation experts would take to translate medical documents like –

  • Prescriptions
  • Drug data sheets
  • Patient records
  • Training materials for healthcare personnel
  • Medical history, etc.

Why medical translation services have become the need of the hour?

There are several reasons why modern medical institutions rely on medical translation services. Some of them are mentioned in the sections below –

It is a time-saving solution

If one considers India as a case study then it is no news that this great nation is a land of diversity. It is a nation with mixed cultures living together, sharing their values and obviously languages. Hence, it is safe to state that, although the national language of India is Hindi and the unofficial corporate language is English, everyone in the nation doesn’t need to be an expert in the above-mentioned languages.

The result is a language barrier that is okay in the corporate sector but not in the medical sector.

The reason is simple.

In the medical sector, every second counts. If a patient admitted to a hospital in Kerala belongs to Punjab then it is unlikely that the hospital in Kerala will have people at their disposal who can translate for the patient.

It is best to note that finding a person who can translate to the patient what the doctors and nurses at the hospital in Kerala have to say to the patient from Punjab, can take a lot of time.

But if the administrators of the hospital in Kerala thought forward and chose to take help from a medical translation agency that can render translation services via the telephone, the internet, or through in-person interpretation technology then the delay in communication could have been eliminated effectively.

The result is simple to understand. The patient would have gotten top-class treatment on time while the overall productivity of the hospital in Kerala reached a new level!

It will allow the medical institution to save money

Apart from helping a medical institution to save time, availing medical translation services can also help a hospital to manage its overhead costs.


Well, as a hospital would not need to hire on-site personnel who are fluent in all leading languages spoken in India, the medical institution would not need to increase its monthly CAPEX.

But what about the cost of hiring a medical translation agency? Won’t that add to the expenses?

No! The reason is simple. The cost of availing medical translation services is lower compared to hiring a full-time onsite translator/interpreter.

Improved patient care and support

Availing medical translation services in Mumbai (or in any other city for that matter), can allow a hospital to improve the level of care and support it extends to its patients by addressing the needs of the patients and their grievances in no time.

We offer quality assured medical translation services in Mumbai and the rest of India

We are an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 1508 certified medical translation agency. We have been assisting medical institutions in India with our quality assured medical translation services for more than two decades. To consult with our medical translation experts, please call +91-70663 16633 or send an email to

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