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Localization – A New Buzzword in Marketing

The Globalization and Localization Association defines Localization as the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. The aim of localization is to give a product the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market.

Identify your potential market and localize your product

You have invested time and money in producing a product and service for a certain market. When you expand your coverage or when you penetrate in new or existing market, you will be faced with the problem of marketing to newer customers who are used to certain lifestyle. It is time to do such changes in the product, the packaging, the design and the tone of communication that enables the product being accepted and the communication suitably localized.

Identify your potential market and localize your website

Once the product is suitably modified, the next step could be website localization. Website localization in the language of target market is important due to growth of internet users and their tendency to browse for product and service information in their language.

Identify your potential market and localize your creative

You have done a global campaign based on a core idea and promise which is good in your market. The creative has done wonders. That does not mean that it can be adapted universally across all region by sheer translation. Markets differ in terms of maturity level of product acceptance, the lifestyle, culture, attitude, habits etc. Doing a research and then adapting the creative with relevant core promise will connect better than the original strategy. Under such scenario, no amount of advertising spending using translation of global creative will work. Only localization keeping the same brand value will do the trick.

For example, Pediasure a well-known global brand is advertised with different key selling proposition depending on the culture of each market. In Korea, since both Parents are working and they are busy, the tendency is to feed the child who is a fuzzy eater with a product that can replace a meal without losing out on the nutritional value. The creative proposition here is ‘Pediasure for fuzzy eaters. It can replaces a meal’. In India this proposition will fall flat as mothers cannot think of missing out on feeding their babies with ‘Dal, Roti, Chawal’. Hence the creative proposition is changed to ‘Pediasure for height and weight’.

Properly Localized communication gives you the advantage of connecting with customers effectively. But very often the effectiveness and the impact of creative due to mere translation.

Translation, if it is not localized and speaks in customers’ language cannot connect. That’s why we have launched language studio that goes beyond translation.Experience truly localized language campaign by engaging us as your language partner.

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