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5 Important Skills Every Technical Translator Should Have

technical translation services

With manufacturing companies expanding and training becoming more specialized, technical translation services have gained importance.

Importance of technical translation services – make sure that the research papers, user guides and many other technical documents are accurately translated into other languages.

The United States is the largest tech market in the world, representing 32% of the total, or approximately $1.7 trillion for 2020. (

An expert translator can ensure your technical document is clearly and accurately translated. This makes your intended message to be clearly understood by your target audience. To provide high-quality translations, a professional technical translator has to possess a few specialized skills. Main ones are mentioned below:

1. Subject Knowledge

A technical translator must be a subject matter expert having years of experience in the technical field. He must be well immersed in the industry-specific terminology. This can ensure delivery of a clear, professional and accurate translation.

2. Accuracy

Translation of technical documents is not an easy task, as people’s safety relies on these documents. Therefore, maintaining accuracy should be the foremost priority of the translator. He must make sure there are no repetitions, as this can increase the risk of errors in the translated document.

3. Tone And Voice

The translator has to make sure that the tone and voice selected to deliver the message are consistent across every language. This will help the target audience to understand the intended message clearly.

The global information technology industry is on pace to reach $5.2 trillion in 2020, according to the research consultancy IDC.

Technical Terminology

Using technical terms correctly while performing translations is of great importance.

When company style guides and vocabularies are provided to translators, they develop a specialized terminology. This ensures the right term is used throughout the material.

Expert Translators Can Translate The Following Materials

Brochures Patents Catalogs Websites
Training Material Users Guides Data Sheets Installation Manuals
Service Manuals Safety Manuals User Guides Tender Documents

Consult A Technical Translation Expert

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