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How to Translate a Word document to Different Languages

If you are working with many languages at a time and don’t have proficiency in translating those languages then you can use automated translation and translate your word document file to different languages. You have to follow some simple steps to convert your document to other languages in the Microsoft word document. Here are the steps:

Translation of selected content

You can go to the review section, click on translate and then select translate selection. Then there will be a language menu at the right. This menu will show a drop-down for languages. You can select the language you want your document content to translate into.

You can see the review of the translation and once you are happy with the translation, you can select insert. Those selected words will be translated into the same document file.

Translation of entire word document

You can get another word document of translated content by using the tool for translating the entire word document. Again, you have to go to the review section, click on translation and then select translate document. There is an option of selecting both the original and translation languages. Again, you have to select the language from the drop-down menu. Once you are done with the translation, save the file.

The tool is simple and easy to use. However, the translation is done by automated functions. This may have errors or the translated content may not have the exact context. As you are not a language expert, you will not understand the difference. Also, this is not an authorized way of translating your legal document.

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