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Book translation services to help you reach to wide readers

Maxim Gorky or Leo Tolstoy would not have reached to everyone around the world had there were no translators from Russian to English and dozens other languages. Thus, it is quite important to understand the requirement for book translation services as it helps authors sell their books to people from various languages. Nonetheless, we at Shakti Enterprise have brought you professional book translation services to help you overcome the challenge of ‘discoverability’ by getting your book translated in dozens of languages.

Being a leading name in language translation whether it is technical, legal, medical and others, we are trusted a lot by authors as well for literary translation services. In fact, our expert translators have carved a niche for their services for they incorporate cultural nuances in translations to make the content relevant for local audiences. However, it does not mean the text loses the original meaning and style when the translation is being done because it is soul of the book.

Finding out book Translation Company

Best practices are followed by the translators working for us when it comes to literary translation for they are not just language experts but also specialize in subject matter. In fact, our translators are equipped to handle all complex and multiple overlapping themes that may be present in a single book. We commit our clients to deliver a superior quality output where the essence of the book remains even when the whole book is translated in several languages.

Authors should look for book translation services from us for we only assign translators who are masters in creative writing. Our translators not just understand the publishing process but also possess the cultural sensitivity as it is essential to ensure that the translated version reflects what the author wanted. With professional translators working for us, we assure authors not just get the work translated in other languages but also in the most creative manner.

Work hard on your book; we will translate it for you in other languages

We are a reliable name when it comes to translation services including of literary translation; however, our success depends a lot on the success of the translated book and the success of the said book depends on author and how much effort he has put on it. Nonetheless, you should put a lot of efforts in writing the book, so we try to make it easier for you then on by translating it to various languages. Now that online books have caught attention, you should also sell online version in several languages.

It should also be mentioned that our translators go beyond translation in getting your work accessible to a wider reader. We are not just offering you print and digital production services but also helping you in finding new niches and refine the language you use while writing a book. Nonetheless, from compelling designs and graphics to typesetting and indexing, we make your book print-ready in the languages of your choice.


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