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Benefits of Hiring Human Translators

The number of languages spoken and used for corporate communication around the world is in the hundreds. Hence, it becomes essential for individuals and corporate entities to rely on quality-assured translation services on personal and business levels.

Over the last decade or so, advancements in Artificial Intelligence paved the way for a myriad of solutions and tools meant to eradicate human intervention. The translation sector also started making use of AI-based translation tools thus rendering human translators obsolete. Is that so!?

Projects that demand translation services can get the work done quickly when AI-based translation tools are used. However, it must be kept in mind that AI technology is yet to come of age. Hence, it is natural for AI-based translation tools to cough up results that wouldn’t be on par with the standards that an international audience wants from a creator or a brand.

The solution

The solution to the aforementioned predicament is simple. Creators and brands in dire need of translation services should always partner up with a Language Service Provider proficient in offering translation services where the project is handled by native human translators.

The translated content would not only be contextually and grammatically accurate but at the same time, an individual or a brand will be able to reap benefits like the ones mentioned below when human translators are hired.

The overall quality of the content will be way better than AI-based translation

We offer the best human translation services and when you hire our linguists for your translation projects, you will be getting high quality translated content that would be on par with international standards. Hence, the translated content whether it is a literary project or a project containing marketing collateral can be used without further edits for the intended purpose on a global scale.

Linguists have real-world expertise in both the source and the target language

Most of the languages spoken around the world or used in the global corporate sector entail words that can mean different things. Linguists have real-world expertise in both the source and the target language. AI-based translation tools do not have this advantage which is why; these tools have a difficult time coming up with a translated copy of the source file that fits the context of the content.

A contextual sense of the source and the target language is essential for translation projects. An AI-based translation tool runs on an algorithm and algorithms do not have the ability to have a sense of context, especially for something as complex as human languages. Yes, you read that right. Human languages are complex which is why data scientists always have a hard time perfecting the overall performance of AI-based translation tools.

Linguists are creative but AI-based tools are not!

Translation projects demand creativity from a linguist. Anyone can translate content word for word. If one is satisfied with the word-for-word translation then one can happily get the work done through an AI-based translation tool.

But if one is looking for translated content that oozes linguistic creativity and grammatical finesse then one would have to hire a Language Service Provider with a dedicated team of global native linguists who are hired based on their certifications, years of experience, education and professional backgrounds.

Human translation is backed by quality assurance

Getting your content translated by our human translators will entail results that will be packed with linguistic intricacies, creativity and properly structured sentences backed by several rounds of quality control steps.


Hiring human translators is the best decision a creator or a businessperson can take. Creators can ensure that their content or literary work is reaching their intended target audience. On the other hand, businesspersons can ensure that they are able to market the services or products of their brand without hurting the sentiments of the intended target market segments. Either way, the bottom line is Artificial Intelligence is quick, sure, but AI-based translation tools will never even come close to the proficiency of human linguists, at least not for some time. To learn more about our translation services, please contact us

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