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7 Things to know before hiring translation services for cheap

Translation plays a very significant role in business, especially for the one that reaching overseas. It is extensively multidimensional. Translation not only paves forward global interactions but also allow nations to create interactive relationships when we talk about making advancement in technology, politics etc. Although English is used worldwide today but the impact of local language always remains strong. Growth of internet and communication technology has further pushed business to reach the audiences that are thousands of miles away from us only on the back of translation. 

Companies want to expand their business worldwide. So it has increased the need of translation services. Due to increased demand of translation, translation service industry is growing rapidly. In business world, finance sector is the most important and vast area. In many cases, finance company finds it hard to communicate with companies engaging in non-English language. So it has high chances of making errors during calculations and miscommunication. This is why financial localization and translations services are in need. There is a huge requirement for professional and experienced translation services for global businesses.

As a business, you need to keep multiple things in mind while hiring a translation company. The very first thing is the price of service. Translation rate per page in India is 250-800 rupees, depending on the type or industry the document belongs to. English to Hindi translation rate per page is $6.75. English to Hindi translation rate per page in Delhi is Rs.500-800. German to English translation rates in India is Rs.850-1000. Different translation agencies charge different prices. So it is important to research well and connect with the right service.

Let us now discuss the points to remember before hiring a translation service:-

1) Do they look like a professional translation service?

A professional translation agency presents itself in an expert way. Check if they have proper web page, with no errors. They should have own and professional domain name. They should not be using free AOL page started years ago and never updated. There should be an email account that is linked to their web page. There should be proper contact information on their web page and should be updated regularly in case of any change. When all these things are covered by the agency, then you can connect with them for the further translation service.

2) Is their information easy to find?

As mentioned earlier their email account and contact number should be linked to their web page. If their website is hard to find, drop them and find some other translation service. A professional translation service address should be available on skype, email, social media etc. Do not waste your time on some unprofessional translation service. Also check out the reviews from clients. The more positive reviews, more is the chance to get professional translation work.

3) Is the professional translation service willing to discuss your project?

A professional translation services will always be ready to discuss about your project and the process of translation. If they don’t discuss in detail about your project then take it as a sign that they will not pay proper attention and time on your project. A translation company will want to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. The company would exchange ideas on the betterment of translation work and ensuring everything is transparent.

4) What is the pricing structure for the professional translation service?

One of the main problems of translation company websites is that there is no information of the price they charge for a translation project. If I’m a client who is looking to hire a translation company, I’ll be much more inclined to hire a company that will give me some idea on pricing. Especially if it’s the first time I’ll be hiring a translation service provider. The translation company should at least provide approximate pricing structure so that you will be able to know that you can pay them or have to find some other translation company. Discuss about the translation cost per page and compare with other services to see if suits your need. Many professional translation agencies would offer competitive price along with quality work.

5) Who is going to work on the project and relevant experience does he/she have?

If you decide to hire a translation company instead of a sole freelance translator, you should know who is going to do your project and what all skills he/she has that makes them fit for your project. Every project is going to be different. You should make sure that the translator who is going to take over your project should be skilled enough to understand and meet your expectations.

6) Can they provide the reference of their past work?

Past work is best for finding a good professional translation service provider. Certifications can be made by themselves and they don’t mean much. Even client testimonials can end up being fake, but if you have reference for the previous work of the translation company, you can go through it and compare if they can meet your requirement. Do check their reference and connect with clients having worked with them.

7) What kind of other services does the translation service provider offer?

If you know that you are going to meet additional services in future for the same project, look for the translator provider who can provide all those services along with translation project so that you don’t have to find other service provider for the finished product you want. Extra services can be like formatting, desktop publishing etc.

Hiring the Best in the city:

If you have decided to hire a translation services that not offers you quality work, but in cheaper rate, then Bhasha Bharati is the one to connect with. Bhasha Bharati  is one such trusted name in the field of translation services. The company is ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 1508 certified and additionally the company is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). You can connect with a company for the sake of translating your business idea to the intended language. Bhasha Bharati is registered as a vendor for almost all the UN Organizations for providing translation services.


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