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Why do law firms need legal document translation services?

legal translation servicesEvery year, countless legal cases either remain pending or are straight up dismissed by judges on the grounds of erroneous legal documents.

The situation takes a turn for the worse when there is an acute shortage of legal document translators or interpreters in the legal firm representing a certain case.
This one example is reason enough for legal firms to hire a company that offers legal document translation services but it would be great for one to read on and learn more.

The importance of legal document translation services

Legal experts in India and the rest of the world now understand the fact that erroneous legal documents not only waste the valuable time of a court but at the same time, negatively affect people from all sections of society.

For instance –

Every nation has a myriad of issues but in recent times, the one problem that is plaguing countries all over the globe is the refugee crisis.

Now, it is no news that refugees speak languages that may or may not be spoken or understood by the people of the country hosting them.

Yet, the host country and its legal system still have to handle legal cases pertaining to the refugees in order to get a grip on the crisis.

The legal proceedings pertaining to a typical refugee crisis typically consists of –

  • Changing the immigration status of a refugee or their family members or
  • Proceeding with legal actions against a refugee or their family members.

In both cases, the legal firm taking interest in the case would need to sift through legal documents carried by refugees that may or may not be in the language known to them.

This is one instance when a legal firm would need to hire a company that offers legal document translation services in a bid to sort out the matter in no time and that too without any error.

Why is it so important for legal documents to be error-free?

It is best to remember that although legal documents need to be error-free, legal document translation is a ball game of a whole new level.

The reason for legal document translation to be a challenging aspect for any law firm to handle on its own is that law, by nature, is culture-dependent.

Hence, legal firms taking off-beat cases or representing clients who belong to a little-known demographic segment would need to have in-depth knowledge about both the target and source cultures.

Now, coming to the aspect of why legal documents need to be error-free –

It should be remembered at all costs that wrong translation or misinterpretation of legal language stated in a legal document could lead to unjustified legal outcomes that will leave the perpetrator out and the victim without justice.

It is as simple as that.

To avoid such instances and at the same time to keep its reputation intact, revered law firms take assistance from reputed companies that offer legal document translation services.

Get the idea?

How to choose the ideal legal document translation service provider?

A law firm can choose the best provider of legal document translation services easily when the same chooses the service provider based on the following aspects –

The service provider should be certified

It is no news that most of the translation agencies in the world do not have the necessary certifications and since the sector is mostly unregulated, service seekers do not even bother about this aspect.

Law firms should not overlook this aspect though and if they did, they might end up partnering with a translation agency that doesn’t have what it takes to deliver commendable services.

The takeaway message is that an ideal translation agency will be certified by apex authorities.

The translation agency should have sector-specific technical expertise

An ideal provider of legal document translation services will have linguistic experts and related professionals under its payroll that have been associated with the legal sector sometime in their lives.

The translation agency should have a strong confidentiality clause

Law firms should partner up with only those legal document translation agencies that are ready to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Confidentiality is important in the legal sector hence; this is an important aspect to consider.


It is safe to state that legal document translation is an important aspect of running a successful law firm. In case you are the owner of one, make sure your law firm has support from a revered legal document translation service provider, for the best results.

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