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Translation Service Costs – How Are They Priced?

In this internet era, the need to communicate across languages and cultures is increasing among businesses. Ignoring translations can hamper your brand image as miscommunications may arise. Therefore, make accurate communication your top most priority with translation services.

The cost of professional translation service depends on supply and demand. The cost of living and currency exchange rates in the country of translation can also affect translation rates. Other significant factors influencing the rates for translation are content complexity, the volume of the project, delivery, language combination, level of service, etc.

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How To Calculate The Cost Of Translation?

Different pricing models are used to calculate the translation service costs. The pricing standards followed by the majority of the translators are mentioned below:

1. Translation Costs Per Word

This is the most common way of estimating translation costs for languages written using the Latin alphabet. Many translation agencies and translators charge for their services per word.

Per-word pricing is very convenient and fair method of pricing. Here, each quote is tailor-made to the clients’ specific needs. Prices can vary greatly based on the volume of the project. Prices also depend on the genre of the content: standard or technical.

Per word translations can help you control the project costs.

2. Translation Costs Per Hour

We rarely find companies charging for translation services per hour. It is difficult to estimate the amount of effort each translation project will take. Therefore, per‐hour pricing is more suitable for proofreading and editing and an already translated content.

3. Translation Costs Per Page

Some translation agencies charge to translate the content based on the document’s number of pages. It is determined by an estimate number of words on a single page.

Translation rate per page pricing is great for documents where an electronic word count cannot be obtained. Best example would be any document scanned to a PDF file, such as medical records and court documents.

4. Flat fee

A flat fee comes into picture while translating Chinese or other CJKV characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese) texts. Per‐word and per‐page pricing cannot be used for such projects. They are calculated according to volume or quantity.

These projects require additional project management, research, and many other additional services. Such projects include handwritten texts, scanned pages, engineering content etc.

The translation industry is expected to reach $56 billion by 2021 (interpreter-Dubai)

Final Thoughts

Rates for translation therefore differ from project to project. We at Bhasha Bharati, follow per word pricing model for our translations. Translation costs for foreign language near us starts from 6Rs. and go up to 16 Rs. per word; depending upon the language combination.

Translation costs for Indian language starts from 3Rs. And goes up to 6Rs. per word depending upon the language combinations.

Learn About Your Language Partner

Working with a language service provider is the best way to ensure you have quality translation services available at all times.

For nearly five decades, Bhasha Bharati has assisted organizations of all sizes address their language-access needs, including translation, localization, globalization, and internationalization.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

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