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How India’s Medical Sector is Benefiting From Medical Translation Services?

The worst days during the COVID-19 pandemic, shined a light on the overall inefficiencies of India’s healthcare industry. One of the primary reasons that kept the Indian healthcare sector from getting a grip on the pandemic before it became out of control is language barriers.
However, the good news is that the state and central governments, apex healthcare organizations and grassroots brands associated with India’s healthcare sector have started addressing the issue of linguistic barriers in a bid to better prepare for future national or localized healthcare crises.
Well, India’s healthcare sector has started availing professional medical translation services in Mumbai in a bid to better prepare for uncertain times.
What are the benefits of medical translation services?
Well, apart from breaking linguistic barriers, the healthcare sector India can enjoy the following benefits when organizations associated with the sector they take assistance from providers of quality-assured medical translation services. 
Professional medical translation services help healthcare professionals to save lives in times of emergencies by availing remote medical interpretation services.
Medical translation services have time and again helped healthcare institutions improve their respective patient care solutions
Patients and their loved ones rest assured when they are provided with information in the language(s) they are comfortable with.
What type of medical documents can be subjected to medical translation?
Language service providers like Bhasha Bharati Arts which specializes in rendering medical translation services have the resources to localize and translate the following types of medical documents.
-Medical applications
-Hospital brochures
-Healthcare education materials
-Post-discharge patient care instructions
-General and specialized hospital communications
-Patient Handbooks 
-Case reports
-Hospital employee manuals
-Patient records
-Clinical study material
-Hospital surveys
-Hospital questionnaires
-Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
-DISHA Waivers
-Lab Test Results and more!

What are the most popular medical localization services in India apart from medical document translation?
Language Service Providers specializing in addressing the translation as well as localization needs of the medical sector can also offer the following services.
Website translation and localization services designed for hospitals, e-pharmacies and pharmaceutical brands.
Healthcare multimedia and healthcare e-learning course content localization and translation services
Healthcare interpretation services suitable for helping international healthcare collaborations and making international healthcare conferences a success.
How brands associated with the medical sector can keep healthcare data secure?
Brands associated with India’s healthcare sector can ensure that the patient data and the data of their current as well as upcoming healthcare products do not get leaked to their rivals or fall into the hands of cybercriminals by simply hiring providers of medical translation services in Mumbai which follow protocols that comply with India’s Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act (or DISHA) – an act that is equivalent to the international norm known as HIPAA.

Rely on the medical translators of Bhasha Bharati Arts for the best results!
Bhasha Bharati Arts have been offering quality-assured, reasonably priced and certified translation services specially designed for India’s medical sector for more than a decade. The linguists that are tasked to oversee all medical translation projects at Bhasha Bharati Arts are qualified and certified. The best part is that most of the linguists specializing in translating healthcare content were at one time associated with the Indian medical sector. Depending on the project at hand, Bhasha Bharati Arts assigns linguists who have a degree in Public Health. The language service provider can also assign the project to a team of retired nurses and doctors in a bid to ensure that the final translated and localized copy entails maximum accuracy. Furthermore, Bhasha Bharati Arts and the medical translation services it offers comply with the norms penned by apex Indian authorities. This allows the LSP to be the preferred service provider for healthcare brands whenever they need to translate prescriptions, drug data sheets, patient records, healthcare training materials etc. For more details, please visit

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