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All You Need To Know About Transcription Services

Brands managers, business owners, and professionals often come across situations where they have a video or audio file that they need to convert into a textual file as soon as practically possible. In such cases, one should get in touch with a language service provider that is renowned for quality-assured transcription services. 

Why modern enterprises should use transcription services?

As per the professional opinion of a spokesperson associated with a provider of transcription services in Pune, modern businesses need transcription services for a plethora of reasons. For instance, transcription services in Bangalore would come in handy for a business that needs to translate the audio track of a promotional video. For this project, the audio track of the source video would be transcribed first, especially if the source video is not provided to a translator along with a written script. Most of the time, video transcription services are sought-after by legal firms for lengthy legal proceedings.

On the other hand, audio transcription services are also sought-after by brands and businesses who want to use a single source training AV content to train a multilingual workforce.

How do transcription services work?

As per the professional opinion of a veteran transcription expert associated with a leading provider of captioning and subtitling services in Mumbai, a transcription expert generally uses a foot pedal in a bid to link to specially designed software that can play video as well as audio files. The function of the foot pedal is to let the transcription expert start as well as stop the video or audio recording so that the expert has time at hand to transcribe the content. 

The foot pedal mentioned above also allows a transcription expert to fast forward as well as rewind the source audio or video file, especially in sections of the source file where the audio track is not clear.

The transcription expert also makes sure that the typed copy is properly time-stamped. Time stamping the typed copy allows each section of the dialogue to connect with the relevant video or audio source file. For more details, please contact Bhasha Bharati Arts – a revered transcription agency in India.

Which other services can work alongside transcription services?

Real-time transcription services have become part and parcel of video as well as audio translation projects. Hence, it is natural for transcription services can work well alongside a plethora of language services such as –

  • Time syncing
  • The translation process of the project at hand
  • Closed captioning of the project at hand and
  • Localization of the project at hand using multilingual subtitling services. 

In this context, it is important to remember that the translation and transcription as well as pertinent localization services for audio and video source files should be handled by a single language service provider in a bid to maintain consistency and quality of the project as a whole.

Bhasha Bharati Arts is a premier provider of transcription services

Bhasha Bharati Arts is one of the premier providers of transcription services that have a stellar business record and an ever-increasing client base spanning all of India as well as other nations. The transcription services offered by Bhasha Bharati Arts are suitable for journalists, market researchers, start-ups, multinational corporations as well as government bodies. Bhasha Bharati Arts have a reputation for delivering transcription projects in the shortest transcription turnaround time practically possible. On top of this, Bhasha Bharati Arts also have the reputation of being a customer-centric language service provider. The transcription cost of Bhasha Bharati Arts is reasonable. Furthermore, transcription accuracy is another aspect where Bhasha Bharati Arts shine. The projects are delivered only after the same have been subjected to the strict proprietary quality assurance protocols put together by the top brass members of Bhasha Bharati Arts. For more details, please contact Bhasha Bharati Arts today.

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