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Learn Why Certified Medical Translator Is Important

Certified Medical Translator

Being a medical interpreter is a highly specialized profession. It is for this reason that many translators do not dare to go into this field. In fact, many think that they need an official medical qualification in order to be a medical interpreter. In general, interpreters in healthcare settings must be fluent in a language pair. In order to become a certified medical translator, a person requires certification, pass language proficiency tests and gain experience.

With the increase in a number of hospitals today, the demand and importance of interpreters in healthcare are also increasing day after day. It involves the translation of numerous documents, informed consent forms, study agreements and budgets, patient information etc. Moreover, it covers translation of medical device, patient’s medical histories, medical market research surveys and more.

Importance of Certified Medical Translator

Have you ever wondered why interpreters are important in every healthcare? The reason is very simple. In order to improve the service offered by any health care center, the figure of a medical translator is crucial. Interpreters have the ability to provide extra assistance both to doctors or any other medical specialist and patients. Some examples to prove the need for a medical translator in any health center are

  • To help patients with legal advice
  • To give proper medical instruction through easy communication
  • To save lives during emergency situations

Certified medical translators are a necessity of working with and overcoming verbal barricades in patient’s relation. Unfortunately, according to the medical interpreter’s stories, most of the healthcare organizations services are either poor or have no translator services at all. Therefore, patients who are limited to LEP (English – proficient) often do not receive quality health care.

Generally, patients suffer when a doctor and his patient have unsatisfactory communication. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that due to an improper or incomplete conversation between doctors and patients, misdiagnosis and improper treatment are far more likely to occur.

Types of medical interpreter

There are two types of Medical interpreters, general Medical interpreter, and Specialist Medical translators.

General Medical Interpreter: This type of translator requires having a basic knowledge of the medical field. His work is to translate documents for common people (who have the least knowledge of medical). They work for the administration of hospitals by providing patients with accurate information. However, these medical interpreters need training to understand the basics of medical idioms and other aspects that are important to understand and translate.

Specialist Medical Interpreter: On the other hand, a specialist medical translate technical and scientific records. These documents contain specific information such as medical journal articles. Therefore, a specialist translator must possess a thorough understanding of the specialization, including all the medical terms. The interpreter is given the complete job of interpretation and translation of the medical documents.

Reasons healthcare providers need interpreters

In general, patients need the assistance of a certified translator to understand and rely on information given by the doctor. Therefore, accurate medical translation is essential to provide the highest quality health care. There can be various advantages and disadvantages of using interpreters in health care. Below are a few advantages of using translation services in the healthcare industry:

  • Reduces patient risk
  • Complies with government regulation
  • Raises the quality of medical care
  • Provides accurate medical histories
  • Boosts your community reputation

Furthermore, they are now a major requirement in hospitals and medical associations, helping doctors and patients to work together. The biggest advantage of having medical interpreters is to make the job easier and faster.

Disadvantages of not having an interpreter in health care centers

  • Inaccurate medical documents and reports
  • Increases risk of misunderstanding and misdiagnosis
  • Inaccurate communication
  • Weakens patients satisfaction
  • Fails to comply with laws and regulation
  • Minimizes reimbursements and maximizes penalties

There are many cases happening around medical industry is facing issues of miscommunication between patients and doctors. This is the reason why medical interpreters are important. Medical companies and hospitals are investing on medical interpreters and companies that offer the service. This makes things easier and communication becomes smooth.

Certified Medical Interpretation Services

Generally, there are various certified medical interpretation service providers around the world. But, if you need any certified medical interpretation services, Bhasa Bharti is the right choice. They allow you to improve the quality of patient care and optimize health outcomes. The Bhasha Bharati is a national industry leader in interpreter and translator services. Their translators are vetted and qualified in medical terminology, as well as language. So you don’t need to worry about the quality and end result.

Bhasha Bharati is one such trusted name in the field of translation services. The company is ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 1508 certified and additionally the company is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). You can connect with a company for the sake of translating your business idea to the intended language. Bhasha Bharati is registered as a vendor for almost all the UN Organizations for providing translation services.

They translate thousands of medical documents each year. Therefore, are uniquely ranked to handle the workloads of all sizes and parameters. There medical team is highly qualified, is professionally trained and provides their customers expert translation. In the age of technology, Bhasha Bharati doesn’t deter in using it. The company uses translation and interpretation tools that make the process easy. Moreover, they will help you ensure the following:

  • Reduction of inaccurate prescription
  • Management of cost through volume discount and group pricing
  • Equal entrance for all patients
  • Accountability through regulated reporting
  • Best quality medical care

Additionally, their experts are specialized in medical, pharmaceutical and health industry. The best part of hiring them is the cost of the medical translation services which is comparatively low than other translation and interpretation service. Therefore, if you want the best medical translator, then they are the best choice to connect with.

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