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Things to remember for effective localization of your business

This is the modern age equipped with state of the art technology and rapid advancement in every field. No matter what you do and how big or small your business is if you want to enjoy long term success, the most effective solution is to target international markets. Plan to expand your business to multiple growing markets and make strategic efforts to grab your share from the most promising marketplaces.

For reaching several markets across the globe, the first thing that you need to do is break the language barrier. It is always better to communicate in a language that the target market completely understands. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create a strong impression on the minds of your potential customers. Make sure you translate your content into the native language of each of your target marketplaces. While translating your content, you must try to incorporate relevant terminology and maintain a natural flow and tone. Make sure no objectionable phrases or words are used and consider both the literal and connotative meanings of the terms while choosing them.

Transforming your website into another language means you are trying to access a new demographic. To make sure that you inspire them and leave a positive impact, you must consider other elements along with the language.

What to Consider for Successful Localization?

For tailoring your website according to the target market, mere rendering of text into another language is not all that you need. The process of localization includes a lot more. If you are also planning to communicate your message all over the world, you must hire a professional localization company.

Along with seamless translation product descriptions and other content, many other things must also be taken into account. If you want to ensure that your business resonates with the prospective clients, you must have an eye for detail.

Here are the most important things that every big and small business must remember for successful localization.


You might already know that dates are written in different formats in different regions. Many nations follow different styles and you must take care of it for avoiding inconvenience for the potential customers. For instance, in the US format, the month is stated before the date while the Europeans write date first and then mention the month. So, the Americans will write 03/7/19, and Europeans write 07/03/19 for 7 March 2019. If you keep the format same for all, the same date will be perceived differently by different localities. Therefore, if you want to avoid any possible confusion, make sure you use the local format. It is critically important that you use the preferred date format for each region that you target.

Contact Numbers

Here is another considerable factor that many companies often ignore in their process of business translation. But for flawless localization, it is essential to incorporate this element as well. The addition of the country code would be great for the convenience of the visitors. Remember that your toll-free numbers may not work outside your country so make sure you provide an alternative option for the foreign market so that they can conveniently contact you. You may include a live chat facility for them in the local language of each nation. But if you don’t have the resources for that, make sure you find a way to make it easy for the potential clients to contact you. Any gap in communication can ruin all your localization efforts. Therefore, you should provide seamless customer support and easy communication method for each of your targeted markets.


If you want your potential clients to identify your venue, you must format your address accordingly. Just like the format of the date, the style to write address also varies in different regions. For instance, whether to put the street number first or the street name should be placed before the number is a common difference. In English, the street number is written first while in Bulgarian, the street name comes first. So, in order to make things easier for the target market, you should remember to put your address in the proper format.


Here is another worth considering an element that can make or break your image in international markets. Many businesses often neglect this aspect while localizing their website. If you want to provide your clients with a comfortable and pleasant experience, you must offer your services or products in their local currency. Thus, along with translating online content and providing date and time in their preferred format, you must offer them the facility to pay in their own currency. The more you make things easy for them, the more your rate of conversion and rate of customer retention will increase.

Visual Elements

The images, graphics, charts, infographics, and other relevant material should be adapted as per the targeted market. Although some signs are used universally some symbols are specific to a particular nation. Make sure you use only the appropriate ones so that no one gets offended.

Just like text and images, the selection of colors should also be in accordance with the chosen market. The same color is associated with different feelings in different states. For instance, In Europe, Black color is linked to the morning while it is associated with celebrations in Asia.

The Last Words

In this global village, every business aims to enjoy international reach. If you also want to go worldwide with your business, you must take care of the local sensitivities, cultural nuances, language barriers, and multiple related factors. Remember that targeting multiple countries is not easy. Yet, it is not impossible. You must pay special attention to detail and translate your content as per the preferences of the audience. Whenever you plan to localize your business, never overlook the above-mentioned elements for ensuring the convenience of prospective customers. It will make your business more appealing and they will feel connected if you present your content in their local language. Your efforts in translating your online profile will result in generating more leads and converting more customers. Thus, by localizing your business, you will be able to drive more revenue.

To make sure that all things are done right and your business is localized as per the needs and demands of the target markets, you should hire a professional translation partner.

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