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How important is Translation in to-day’s globalized world?

globlization of world

Translation is vital in bridging the gap between two different languages, cultures and customs. Whenever two different people meet, the first thing that happens is to speak in a common language that both of them understand. When both of them do not know a language to communicate, translation facilitates an understanding of the meaning of […]

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Importance of Language Translation for Indian Literature

indian languages

The importance of translation in Indian literature can easily be determined by the fact that bringing a book into being is comparatively easier than selling them. Selling a book at international and national stages becomes one hell of a task because of the linguistic differences. This generates a major obstruction for all the creative authors, […]

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Digital India Demands Web Content in All Indian Languages


Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India said in one of his speeches “I dream of Digital India. It was once said Railways connects India. Today I say IT connects India… I fully believe Digital India can compete with the World” The Digital India Movement has picked up and is on fast track thanks […]

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