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Signs of Wrong Translation

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You may not be able to judge the quality of the translation as the other language is new to you. In this case, you need to find if your translation services are right or wrong for your business. You may lose reputation or leads because of wrong translation. Here are the signs you can look for when judging your translation services:


Lack of transparency, problem-solving strategies, and false commitments can show you that the company will not provide you the type of content and service you deserve.


Your company’s NDAs, legal documents, and related information must be in safe hands. if your translation agency does not have a strong policy for protecting your confidentiality then it might be a risk for you to work with them.

Standard Price

Everyone wants quality translation services at the lowest price. However, if a company is offering you the lowest price than the standard industrial price then you must check their translation work by experts. The quality of work and determination can be dependent on the price they are asking for.

Turn-around time

Turn around time is important to judge the translation services. If the agency gives you the work very quickly then they might be using automation translation tools that are ethically wrong. And if there are constant delays in translation it means the agency is not focused, determined, or doesn’t have translators.

Reviews by others

Once you look for a translation agency, check their background and reviews of potential clients. If necessary, you can directly ask the other company about their experience. If there are negative reviews involved then you must think about other aspects.


Your translation company must be responsive. Communication is most important when you are running a project that needs translation services, it makes the business transparent. If the translation agency is taking too much time for responding or ignoring your remarks then you should think about another translation company.

A bad translation can ruin your brand image, may offend the law, and delay the business deals. You need to look for these signs and judge the company you are dependent on for the translation.

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