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News is something that happens around the world at real time and most importantly it is covered in one or two languages. If the news is of global importance, ideally, it should reach to the people around the world. The difficulty that a lot of media organizations face is how to get the news to the whole of world in several languages for wide consumption. For such companies there are news translation services providers who work round the clock and deliver the translation of news item within record time.

One such organization that has been helping out media organizations, web news portals, news blogs, etc. is Bhasha Bharati. Being a veteran in translation services for all kinds of translation works, this organization has been in existence for more than five decades. Therefore, there is definitely any doubt with respect to the credentials when it comes to delivering the most professional news translation services and within the given time period so that news does not lose its time value.

With news translation in various languages, media gains new readers and subscribers

A lot of people do not get the news they want in their language. Similarly, there are researchers, writers, editorial writers, etc. who need to widen their horizon of knowledge, for them content available in their language is of great help. Needless to say when a media outlet delivers translated news, reviews, views, etc. in several languages it is a win-win situation for all the parties. Bhasha Bharati with professional news translation transforms news documents into valuable language.

With translated news a media organization enriches its subscribers’ reading and knowledge and in return it wins loyalty. The subscribers of a news web portal are always looking for breaking news but in their language. For instance, a person sitting in China may want to read news stories on corona virus pandemic around the world. However, since he knows only Chinese, the web news portal offering news in local language may get news items translated from English, French, etc. to Chinese.

Carve a niche for your news website

With multilingual news website the chances of your website becoming a popular source of breaking news are higher. Nonetheless, news translation services when hired also help with their knowledge and experience. Thus, it is quite a win-win situation where a news website gains from the experience of the news translators. Moreover, as translation is not just about telling everything in the news item but also about the essence of the whole story, only experienced translators can deliver quality translation.

Bhasha Bharati with certified translators guarantees quick, effective, and succinct Translation Services for news web portals. The turnaround time for news translation is just a couple of hours so that the news does not lose time value. Whether it is news bulletins or articles, captions, or even translated voiceovers, all services are being delivered to clients within a stipulated time period.


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