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Media translation services for wide and comprehensive reach

media translation services

The widely used term ‘media’ has wide definition as it not just includes the regular media articles, news stories but also media content from businesses that they use as part of their daily operations. Thus, when media translation services are elaborated in precise manner, it includes a range of translation jobs for text documents, images and video files as well. Needless to say the media content these days also include anything from press releases to promotional videos for corporate communications.

At Bhasha Bharati Arts where we have more than five decades of experience in delivering the finest translation services clients across spectrum, we deliver media translation services to help them have wide reach globally. With the translated media content companies can engage with audiences in new locations in various linguistic regions. Since all translation jobs are done by the native linguists, the outcome is appealing and substantial content.

Catering to the wide media content

Whether it is the Company blogs and Customer Letters or News articles and Online subtitles, when they are translated appropriately in multiple languages or at least the targeted language, the reach goes up comprehensively. The company blogs which are meant to talk on their behalf to the customers and other stakeholders when translated help a lot in meaningful engagement. The multinational companies that have offices at diverse locations need to communicate in the regional language for effective communication and that is where media translation services play the vital role.

In addition to press releases and full press kits, the media translation job also includes meaningful translation of books and digital content and multimedia presentations as well as brochures and other marketing materials. Not to forget when TV and Radio Reports are translated in multiple languages the reach goes up exponentially which is quite a desirable outcome that a company would want for its content. Lastly when it comes to effective corporate communications, when the content is available in diverse languages, it makes a lot of sense.

Doing Media Translation Right

When the world is becoming one, borders are dissipating; there should be no language barriers. Although the global communication is done majorly in English language, there is still a need for local connect and that is possible only when communication is done the regional languages that are spoken and understood well by the locals. When the media content is translated meaningfully from one language to another by the native translators it tends to have wide and desirable impact.

The bottomline is that when done right, media translation can bring great value to communication strategy as it helps the company reach out beyond international borders. Interestingly, when translation is being done factors like local values, ethos, cultural sensibilities should also be kept in mind as these are equally important for the local population. Offending translation could be extremely harmful for the company and its public relations; therefore, comprehensive due diligence should be done well in advance.

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