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Master These Skills To Be An Expert Transcriptionist

TranscriptionistThinking of becoming a top-notch transcriptionist? Becoming a pro transcriptionist is not an easy game. It is not only a tedious job but also requires more of your hard work and dedication. Not everyone can learn how to transcribe unless they develop and master the skills needed to be a pro in it.

To Become A Pro In The Field Of Transcription, You Will Have To Master These Top 5 Skills:

1. Listening Skills

A keen and proactive listening – is an important skill for becoming an expert transcriptionist. Investing in a good pair of headphones would ease hearing and using transcription software suites such as express scribe and inqscribe to slow, pause, play and rewind your audios will help the transcription process to be carried on with ease.

A pair of good ears is required for the transcription work to be performed smoothly. Even in transcribing general topics, you are required to have a proper understanding of dialogues in spite of some existing challenges like background noise, crosstalk, etc.

2. Research Skills

Outstanding research skill is necessary for transcriptionists. Files on diverse topics will be assigned to you on an everyday basis. Having a great research skill will help you in understanding the terminologies you are unfamiliar with as well as in understanding the crucial information that you need to know.

Some of the files you will receive may focus on specific niches. For example, a transcription project from a bio-technician will demand you research the dictated terminology. Here, your research skills have to be keen to tackle such situations.

3. Typing Skills

As a professional transcriptionist having fast typing speed will set you apart from the crowd.

An average person types at 40-45 words per minute, but the typing speed of a transcriptionist is 60-80 words per minute with minimal errors. On the other hand, a professional audio transcriptionist can type approx. — 100 words per minute.

There are many sites available online which help you to upgrade your typing skills. With practice, your typing speed shall shoot up, and you will be able to see the desired results in no time.

4. Technology Proficiency

You need not possess advanced computer skills to become a pro transcriptionist. Essential skills like proper use of Microsoft Word for transcription formats and other technical skills related to transcription are expected from you. The willingness to learn how to utilize the required transcription software is also a must.

5. Good Grammar

You should have high grammar and punctuation proficiency to provide clear transcripts without compromising on the meaning of the dialogues. Although there are digital tools that correct these mistakes in no time, still it is essential for you to have excellent grammar knowledge to prevent basic mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the proper use of punctuation and syntax. After this, you will have to proofread your transcripts before submitting it to the clients to assure quality services.

A well formatted and grammatically correct transcript is always appealing to the reader as well as to the client. You, as a professional transcriptionist, have to make sure that you use them correctly, to have clients coming back for more.

Bottom Line

Opting for transcription will help you make money and will also serve as an excellent way to learn new things, every day. Apply these five skills to become an expert transcriptionist and skyrocket your career.

Do you know any other skills which help to excel as a transcriptionist? Let us know about it in the comments.

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