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Hiring dubbing services to make the content available in multiple languages


You may have come across with the people when they are talking about the dubbed movies they say the movie was extremely bad as it was dubbed so badly. What they mean from the ‘bad dubbing’ is the fact that the dubbing was done in unprofessional manner and came out as a bad outcome. More often than not, bad dubbing is due to insufficient infrastructure and unprofessional dubbing artists. There is nothing more horrible than watching a horribly dubbed movie in theater.

The question now is why there is such a compromise with the quality of dubbing when it can be done well. The answer to the question is simply lack of budget and often lack of transparency or understanding from the two contracting parties. It is quite evident that dubbing services cost higher when they are done by the professional dubbing artists and in a state of the art recording studio with complete infrastructure and machinery.

Rule out bad dubbing by hiring a right company

When the major reason behind the bad output is bad dubbing, it can be rectified. For instance, it is often the post production dubbing which is the worst as in this process the studio basically adds new dialogue over the existing audio trac. Whether it is Hollywood movies or south Indian movies when the people watch, they can clearly see the difference between the expressions and the dialogue delivery. This happens because there are subtle differences the way the languages are spoken.

Not just that the languages are different but also the fact that there are a lot of differences that these languages are spoken, the expressions, nodding and other body languages also look slightly different which the viewers and audiences catch them well. For instance, whereas some languages are less subtle than others, the speakers sound viewers like they are over-dramatizing the dialogues. The dialogues also look artificial and do not sync well with the character.

Why does casting matters in dubbing services?

Dubbing is not so easy that everyone can do it; therefore, it should be done only with the help of dubbing company who are trained for language, voice and accent, vocabulary, local culture, etc. amongst others. Here the role of casting becomes important as the right voice should be selected for the job as it is going to be the identity of the character being played on the screen.

Casting the right voice for character on screen is quite important also for convincing dubbing. Not just the voices should match the character but also the style and manner as well as tone should also be in sync with the character.

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