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Can Rajini be the political ‘Thaliva’?

On 31st December 2017, Rajnikanth, the Thaliva of Tamil cinema and a superstar made the grand announcement that he would float a political party and that it would contest in all 234 of Tamil Nadu’s Assembly constituencies.

Rajnikanth the ‘Thalaivar’, which translates to mean leader or boss, said: “The time has come for the political change in Tamil Nadu. Time for the politics of truth, accountability, credibility and transparency; politics not based on caste or cash, but on spirituality.”

Why the need for Change?

There is utter chaos in Tamil Nadu politics with all political parties vying with each other to fill the vacuum created after the death of Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu who was loved by millions for her leadership qualities.

Can Rajini, who earned the title of Thaliva due to his performance in Tamil Cinema, fill the gap and be the ‘Thaliva’ in Tamil Nadu Politics too?

Three reasons why Rajini can be a force to reckon?

Rajnikanth translates well peoples’ aspirations similar to a professional translator who translates well with an intention to connect with their target audience.

1. Seamless Connection with people of Tamil Nadu: Like any professional translator who strives to achieve the connection through their linguistic abilities, Rajni, connects through his dialogue delivery and acting abilities.

2. Style with substance in approach: Professional translation service providers approach the market need for communication, due to their language translators who build style with substance by adding cultural nuances and stylistic changes in translation of content. Similarly, Rajnikanth builds a style of his own into the substance and therefore makes his approach appealing.

3. Simplicity in appearance: Professional translation is all about using simple words which are localized and therefore speaks the language of the audience. Similarly, Rajnikanth comes across as a man who is humble despite his stature and simple despite his position.

4. Rajnikant the vacuum and translate peoples’ need for change into an actionable plan.

In order to translate the need for change into actionable points, to understand the announcement surely would have given jitters to all political parties except perhaps for BJP in Tamil Nadu. Why So?

There is utter chaos in Tamil Nadu politics with all political parties vying with each other to fill the vacuum created after the death of Chief Minister Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha governed the State of Tamil Nadu for more than a decade with her leadership qualities. She was the true ‘Thaliva’ (Leader) of Tamil Nadu politics.

Rajnikanth who is a superstar of Tamil Cinema is adorned by everyone for his acting and for creating his own style. The actor’s fans have been expecting the actor to take the political plunge since 1996 when he expressed his support for the DMK-TMC alliance. “I’m not entering [politics] for position or fame. I have enough of both. If it is a position I’m coveting, I would have entered [politics] back in 1996. That is not my intention.”

“Then what am I in it for?” he asked, rhetorically. Laying out the rationale, Rajinikanth said politics in the State had become “tainted and democracy is deteriorating with people in power looting people”. “Also, over the last one year, the political happenings in Tamil Nadu have made us hang our heads in shame; we have become the laughing stock,” he said.

He said that he intended to clean up the corrupt system, but said that this could only be achieved with “God’s grace and the people’s support”. “I’m confident of getting both,” he said.

Now Rajinikanth brings ‘Spirituality’ in his brand of politics which is a differentiator and coming from a person, who practices spirituality in all his dealings, he builds the right credibility too.

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