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Benefits of mobile app localization at a glance

app localization

Entrepreneurs who spend a considerable amount of resources on developing and supporting the apps that represent their ventures enjoy a competitive edge over their rivals. In case you too belong to this category of entrepreneurs then kudos! You are doing all that you can to make sure your brand has a strong identity among the target audience segments it caters to.

But, do you also consider app localization services as an integral part of your company’s business model?

If the answer to this question is no then it is high time to take the help of a company that offers mobile app localization services and the reasons to do so are best enunciated in the sections below –

It makes it easy to take your business overseas!

Veteran entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for ways they can take their business global. Taking a business outside of its country of origin is one of the easiest ways to make the venture all the more profitable.

The easiest way to make a venture truly global is to ensure that its portals such as its official website and its official apps are offered with User Interfaces and content that are in the local languages of the country the brand is planning to put its roots in.

Localizing an app, similar to website localization, ensures that the brand is welcomed by the people residing in the nation the brand in question is planning to enter. Companies that offer their official mobile apps in international languages like English instead of local languages are not deemed as ‘friendly’ or ‘customer-centric.

The result is simple to understand –

In case your Indian company has plans to expand its reach in Russia but the official app of your brand has a user interface and subsequent content written in English, instead of Russian then the chances of your brand being alienated by Russian target audiences is very high.

To keep such instances at bay and to make sure that your plans to make your business a global brand returns positive results; you need to take the help of revered companies that offer mobile app localization services as soon as possible.

Mobile app localization unlocks the unlimited sales potential for your venture

Let’s start this point with a case study –

You know how popular the mobile game Pokémon Go is but did you know that the app, made $35 million in profits just in the first two weeks from the date of the game’s launch!?

In case you thought that Nintendo – the studio that made the game, is a big gaming brand and it is natural for its products to make the brand huge profits then you are wrong.

Even if a brand has a strong image, in this day and age of globalisation, its products can only become successful when it is localised.

Mobile app localization services allow a brand to witness an increase in sales, conversions, early adoptions as providers of app localization services translate every aspect of a mobile app such as –

• Its textual content
• Its numbers
• Its icons
• Its in-app images and
• Loading screens meticulously.

This allows the app to be on par with the preferences of the intended target audience segment(s).

Get the idea!?

Your business or brand will enjoy a competitive advantage

It is no news that the advent of the internet made the business world pretty competitive. Furthermore, the level of competition that a business has to endure is otherworldly as well.

With app localization services, an entrepreneur will be able to get more users who will, in turn, download the app. The benefits of taking help from a provider of mobile app localization services don’t end there!

Here’s the explanation –

You see, as per market research, 90% of users delete an app immediately after the same has been downloaded into their devices. Only a small percentage of app users (16% to be exact), will wait for a while, use the app and give the same a second chance at impressing them.

What kind of apps are we talking about here?

Well, the kind of app that has been ‘localized’ to suit the preferences of the market segment the app’s maker is planning on monetizing.


Mobile app localization can offer your brand a lot more benefits apart from the ones mentioned above. For more details, consult with a revered mobile app localization service provider like Bhasha Bharati. It is a revered localization service provider that has been functioning for the last three+ decades! It has a pan-India presence. For more details, please call Mobile: +91-7066316633 or send an email at

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