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Benefits Of Medical Interpretation Service You Were Never Told Before

Why do hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities need medical interpreters?

If you’re a physician, hospital staff or anyone else in the healthcare industry, it’s likely that you’ll run into communication problems with a patient at some point of time in your practice. However, by using certified medical interpretation services, your relationship with your patients will overcome the language barrier.

Here Are 4 Of The Important Benefits Of Using A Certified Medical Interpreter:

Accurate Medical Histories

When you’re treating a patient, it’s vital to receive an accurate medical history as well as understand their symptoms. This can be challenging if you don’t speak and understand your patient’s language.

Even if the patient has a multi-lingual family member, as many do, that family member probably won’t know how to translate specific medical terminology or explain detailed treatment.

A certified medical interpreter has been trained to do exactly that. They will be able to get the patient’s most accurate medical history and help you with the communication process effectively.

Less Stress

Seeking medical care can be a stressful experience, but it’s much more difficult if you’re having trouble communicating. When hospitals do not provide a medical interpreter, foreign language patients often recruit a multi-lingual family member to act as their interpreter.

Unfortunately, this individual isn’t trained to interpret the medical terminology and may make errors while translating.

Using a third-party certified interpreter allows patients and their families to relax without worrying about the chances of miscommunication to take place.

Improves Efficiency

By working with a certified medical interpreter, you can be rest assured that your patients’ information will be accurate. This will improve efficiency from intake to follow-up appointments.

Additionally, having a certified medical interpreter in your hospital or clinic will speed up your schedule as the interpreter can be available 24/7.

Boosts Community Reputation

Certified medical interpreters will build a good reputation in the local community. Providing medical interpreters exhibits that you truly respect and care about all your patients. This creates a great environment for healing.

About the Company:

Bhasha Bharati provides a full suite of medical interpretation services for the medical industry in 100+ languages including consecutive, simultaneous, and over-the-phone interpretation. Our medical interpreters include subject matter experts in a range of therapeutic fields, and ensure that our linguists are ready to provide the highest level of service.

Common areas for medical interpretation include – Conferences, Hospitals, HR, Client Meetings, Researcher Training, etc. Being in the industry from 50+ years – our USPs include, quick turnaround time, expert interpreters and strict quality control system.

Our solutions help healthcare facilities:

  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
  • Demonstrate a dedication to quality care
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Facilitate readmission reductions

Quality, Confidentiality and Compliance

Bhasha Bharati, as language interpreters undergo rigorous screening, testing and training, including learning specialized medical terminology and procedures, to ensure that you receive clear and accurate communication during each session.

Why Choose Us?

Quality – You can expect highly trained interpreters to provide medical interpretation services to you and your patients.

Reliability – You will enjoy quick, easy access to our professional interpreters 24 hours a day. We believe that, clear accurate communication is crucial to responsive care of your patients.

Security – We provide only security screened and Enhanced CRB checked interpreters, so you can be sure that patient and staff safety is not compromised upon.

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