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All That You Need To Know About Technical Translation

technical translation services

For wide accessibility and a clear understanding of technical information, it is essential for businesses to translate their technical materials into multiple languages. This is where professional technical translation service comes into the picture.

This service involves the translation of technical documents like instructions, user guides, manuals and many other documents of technical nature. It is required by many industries, right from health care to manufacturing and engineering.

The IT-BPM sector in India stood at US$177 billion in 2019 and is estimated that the size of the industry will grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025. (

Why Is Technical Translation Important?

Maintaining proper technical documentation is important for every company, in order to comply with local and international standards.

From patents to user manuals, these documents serve as proof of accuracy for every operation and business process. Therefore, investing in high-quality translations can be beneficial for your company in many ways.

Consistency Is The Key

Consistency is the key to provide an accurate translation. Using language and vocabulary consistently prevents confusion and assists users in a clear understanding of the information.

Consistent terminology is also important while performing translations of technical nature. A clear description of operating elements helps users to understand the instructions in a better manner.


Terminology management helps achieve accurate translation by using tools to store and organize terms. Professional technical translators use such tools to deliver accurate technical document translations to clients. In this way, they maintain clarity and quality in their technical translations.

Technical Translation Experts

Performing a professional technical translation requires excellent knowledge of technological skills. Technical translators are usually subject matter experts  ensuring your technical documents are translated perfectly into the target niche. They also make use of appropriate terminology within the industry which helps them deliver a higher level of quality in translations.

Challenges In Performing Technical Translations

1. Theoretical Understanding
1. Knowledge Of Terminology
2. Translation Accuracy
3. Deadlines
4. Localizing The Translations

Professional Technical Translators Can Translate The Following Materials

• Users Guides
• Patents
• Service Manuals
• Tender Documents
• Training Material
• Brochures
• Data Sheets
• Installation Manuals
• Catalogs
• Safety Manuals
• User Guides
• Websites

Certified Technical Translation Partner

Working with a language service provider is the best way to ensure you have quality translation services available at all times.

Bhasha Bharati is a professional technical translation service provider in Mumbai, India managing a worldwide network of experienced technical translators who deliver cost-effective translation services at a low turnaround time.

Contact us today to get started with your translation strategy, which can help you increase your global market share.

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