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5 Different Types of Interpretation Techniques

Interpretation is a form of describing or interpreting the document or words to get the clear and concise meaning. In the business sector, there are cases where language communication differs a lot due to various languages, idioms and framing. Different languages have their own strength, meaning and methods of understanding process. Moreover, in different sectors too, there are different methods of understanding business language. Be it the medical or law, interpretation is important and should be done by professionals. There are different methods that are adopted by companies to make the service reachable to clients. From over the phone to simultaneous, one can look for services that adopt different methods. Whether you are hiring over the phone interpreting service or medical interpretation services, you need to decide as per the demand.

Interpreting is beneficial to break language barriers and allow easy communication without any misinformation. It is the best way to communicate without spending much of the time and money. Companies and individuals are looking for methods to avoid miscommunication. We now look into different types of interpretation services and how they can benefit your company.

1. Over the Phone Interpretation:

Also known as telephonic interpretation, it is adopted when the in-person isn’t available for face to face. The process is also called as Scheduled telephone interpreting; the process is done when both parties establish an appointment. If the participants of the call can hear only the voice of the interpreter, this process is conducted. This is done when both the parties are located in different regions. In fact, it is the simple process allowing people to break the barrier and communicate with ease. Telephones and VOIP services are available in every company; over the phone interpretation services are making the best use of technology.

2.Simultaneous Interpreting:

Also known as Conference Interpreting, it is done for the people in the event who have limited English proficiency and need conference interpreters. In this process, the interpreter listens to the content spoken using headphones and understands the meaning of the sentence. Simultaneous interpretation services have modern tools that make this simultaneous communication worth using. Professional interpreters translate the sentence with only a few seconds’ delay. Interpreters sit in the conference room having direct audio feed making the transmission. Simultaneous interpreters or conference interpreters are certified and are trained to interpret complicated sentences.

3.Video Interpretation:

This is the most innovative interpretation method used by companies to interpret words without much of hassle. Remote interpreting services use this method to connect with listeners to interpret without much fuss. This is majorly done when hearing impaired person wants the interpreter to interpret the document. This method is largely used in sensitive situations. This is a money saving method used, especially when the person is in a remote location. For companies, this is the best way to communicate with clients offshore. By hiring video interpreter, these companies can easily connect with clients without facing miscommunication.

4.Liaison Interpretation:

This method is also called as escort interpreting and completely relies on the interpreter who translates out of the source into the target language. This interpretation is majorly done during the small and informal meeting. Liaison means communication is done to maintain mutual understanding and cooperation. Companies usually adopt liaison interpretation methods within the organizations.

5.Medical Interpretation:

Medical interpretation services are offered to help patients and medical professional to understand medical terms and legalities easily. Medical care is a stressful situation, and it can be much difficult if having trouble communicating. Certified medical interpreters offer complete assistance to patients to understand the terms. Many hospitals and healthcare centres hire professional medical interpretations to help patients in understanding the medical terms.

Benefits of Hiring Interpreting Service:

Companies and individuals are hiring professional interpreters to help in easy communication. Interpretation services rates are affordable and easy to hire them. In fact, it is the best way to avoid any miscommunication. Some of the benefits are:

•Assured Quality:

When there is complexity in translation or interpretation, a professional interpreter should be hired. The communication is done precisely to provide complete details about the complexity. Professional interpreters invest their time and experience to bring down the best communicate details. Be it the interpretation or translation, quality is what company looks for. This is why hiring professional company is highly recommended.

•Connect Culturally:

Grammatically correct, native speaker and precise pronunciation, the interpreter needs to connect culturally. The languages, words and tone differ according to the language. So the interpreter is trained to interpret accurately and understand the culture. Whether it is the document or audio version, the interpreter ensures that the interpretation connects culturally without any distortion.


Interpretation is done by professionals who are well-trained and understand how the documents or audio should be interpreted. These interpreters are trained in multi-language and tones to adopt various methods. Be it for medical, law or consecutive, interpreters are trained to deal with the different process.


Interpretation is an easy way to make the language understandable without much of the difficulty. Hiring a professional interpretation company like Bhasha Bharati Arts is the best way to get words interpreted. From medical interpretation to consecutive interpretation, BBA has been serving clients regional and global. Being one of the leading interpretation services in Mumbai India, BBA is an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15048 certified company offering interpretation and translation services.

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